What we do

We harness the power of AI to enhance products optimizing the user experience.

Artificial Intelligence

We have been working with AI before it became a trend. We can detect body position and analyze it's physical position in space in order to trigger direct instructions.

Replicable Model

We intend to replicate our proven model to all activities. From golf to cricket. From dancing to yoga. From toys to medicine. We intend to change the world.

Proprietary technology

Utilizing in-house developed proprietary technology we are creating a unique modular platform with multi-use applications.

What is SofBoost?

Sofboost is a company focused on developing proprietary AI body recognition technology with a mission to disrupt multiple sectors.

Disrupting the world through the power of AI.
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Proprietary Technology

Our team proudly developed the proprietary intellectual property that is changing the way we learn and practice.

  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: CNN, Deep learning & Machine learning
  • ORCHESTER providing unlimited SCALABILITY & extremely COST EFFICIENT
  • AUTOMATED. No human interface.
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Product Portfolio

Applying our IP to a variety of consumer products.

SofBoost Applications

We are disrupting the way sports are learned and practiced.


The first product developed using AI to detect golfer's swing position and triggering a golf lesson in seconds.


Medical field application, specifically in kinesiology to enhance the rehabilitation process.


Applying our IP to recognize bowling and pitching techniques and correcting them with instant feedback.


Applying our IP to recognize dance movements and correcting them with instant feedback.


Applying our IP to recognize fitness techniques and correcting them with instant feedback.


Applying our IP to recognize batting and pitching techniques and correcting them with instant feedback.


Applying our IP to recognize serving, forehand and backhand techniques and correcting them with instant feedback.

Many more

Soccer, football and many other applications to detect and correct with instant feedback.


Continuously running our detection algorithms to better each analysis. Our products have proven the concept, it’s now time to replicate the model in other line extensions.


Partners & Development

Our AI implementations generate instant feedback solutions. Disrupting sectors while creating a clear differentiator.

Meet the Team

Developing proprietary IP for the good of human kind.

The AI advantage

This is why AI is replacing human processes and becoming better by learning from every analysis.

Human Analysis

Human analysis takes time and risks accuracy. Scalability is impossible since body part detection and comparison may be limited and time consuming. Human processes are slower and limited in analysis quantity.



AI Analysis

AI analysis is extremly quick and accurate. Scalability is unlimited. Body part detection and comparison occurs during seconds with absolutely no human interface. AI processes are continuous and analysis quantity is infinite.


Cost per human analysis

The cost per human analysis is drastically higher. Even at lowest hourly rates, human workers will result in significantly higher cost per analysis.



AI analysis cost efficiency

AI analysis only costs server time. Once algorithms are in place the only cost inquired is running servers. Higher user quantity results in amortizing server costs and lower individual analysis cost.


What is AI?

At SofBoost we are disrupting industries by leveraging years of AI development.

What is AI?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Our primary focus with artificial intelligence is concentrated on: Body recognition, Learning, Planning and Problem solving.
Responsible AI development.
At SofBoost we are developing safe, ethical, and effective AI. AI technology is evolving faster than expected and is already surpassing human decision-making in certain instances. And sometimes, in ways we can’t explain. While many are alarmed by this, AI is producing some of the most effective and dramatic results in business today. Our commitment is to be responsible with the development of AI.
The Future of Humans
Experts say the rise of artificial intelligence will make most people better off over the next decade, but many have concerns about how advances in AI will affect what it means to be human, to be productive and to exercise free will. We have a responsibility to create disruptive processes while still being responsible for humankind.
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